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  • What do "Western-inspired" florals look like? Our florals include elements that make a nod to the West's flora, fauna, wildlife, and culture. This often includes thistle, roses, cacti, succulents, protea (which vibrantly compliment the other prickly textures and, like Western icons Ware, Picket, Love, Ikard, and Reeves, they hail from Africa), pine, pampas, ferns, eucalyptus (which captures that sage brush color), mistletoe, feathers, antlers, boots, and more! 

  • What areas do you serve? We serve Nashville, Lake of the Ozarks, Central Texas, and beyond! 

  • Where does your travel fee apply to? We have studio space in both Lake of the Ozarks and Nashville. Anywhere within an hour of our studios does not have a travel fee. However, when we work events beyond an hour radius of our studio spaces, it requires our team to spend extra time traveling to and from the event and may even require us to rent a space to work/prep all of your flowers. The fee, therefore covers the cost of transportation, our team members' additional time, and studio/lodging accommodations (if necessary). We do our best to keep our travel fee to a minimum. 

  • Do you offer daily deliveries? We do not. While we wish we could accommodate all of your floral needs, we focus mainly on events. 

  • How far out do I need to place my order? As soon as you start planning your event, get in touch with us to make sure the date is available. Once we have a signed contract and 20% down (put towards your total due), we can hold your date. Ideally our customers book six-months to a year in advance. In a time crunch, we can make one-month in advance work. Orders placed less than a month before the event are limited to the flowers that our wholesalers have on hand as we may not be able to place an order for specific flowers (as flowers ship in from all over the world, we must place our orders weeks in advance to get specific flowers). 

  • Do you charge extra for wedding flowers vs. event flowers? No. While other vendors  may apply the "wedding tax," all of our services cost the same across the board, whether it's a birthday, wedding, baby shower, music video shoot, or festival. 

  • What is the booking process? Check out our "Inquire" page for more on this. It's as easy as 1 . . . 2 . . . 3 . . !

  • What happens on the day of my wedding? Our team arrives in the morning or early afternoon (typically hours before your ceremony time) to deliver the personals (corsages, bouquets, boutonniéres, etc). We then proceed to "set up" (place centerpieces, build the floral arch, etc.) and are out of the way before your ceremony starts. If you wish to keep any of the flowers, please remove them from the space, leaving behind our vases, water tubes, wire, etc. We then return at the night to "tear down" and collect our vases, structures, vessels, etc, and any remaining flowers. If needed, our team will stick around between the ceremony and reception to move/repurpose ceremony flower features to the reception space. 

  • What happens on the day of my event? Similar to the answer above, our team arrives hours before your event to "set up." We return at the end to "tear down." For large events such as festivals, we arrive the day before to set up. 

Have any other questions not answered here? Send us an email at . We'd be happy to answer! 

Frequently Asked Questions:

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