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Dance Lessons

Hey y'all! Lisa here, owner of Leather & Leaf.


For a little background on this service, my husband, Sawyer, and I met while dancing in one of Nashville's honky tonks. It's one of our great passions, as is teaching others how to. 

This service can be a stand alone or can be tacked on to other floral services (for example, if you want to encourage everyone at your wedding to actually dance, we'll stick around after delivering your florals and teach a group lesson to your guests during your reception). 

We offer private lessons for couples (great for getting ready for your wedding) and group lessons (fun for parties, corporate events, or wedding parties).

Students can look forward to learning the basic steps, a spin or two, and an easy dip (that makes you look good). Our goal is share the joy of dancing with you as well as give you confidence for the next time you step out on the dance floor. 

Lessons start at $200/hour for groups of up to 10 people. 

Lessons are available in Nashville, Lake of the Ozarks, and beyond!*


*Travel fee may apply to areas more than an hour outside of Nashville or Lake of the Ozarks). 

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